The Kindling Package

The Kindling Package

When sales are lackluster and you need to spark some life back into your website

Your home page is the gateway to your business. First impressions are everything, so make it count!

A boring, dreary, homepage can turn potential customers away before you even present your product. 

What makes a homepage boring you ask?

  • Do you have "about us" text front and centre on your homepage?
  • Does your homepage wax on about how long you've been in business?
  • What certifications you have?
  • Does it take a general approach to cover all your possible customer needs? 

If any of these points are accurate, you might have a boring homepage.

You may have tried to improve it; maybe you've even attempted to write some sales copy that asks questions of your reader like you've seen your competition do and it's just not working.

We're here to make sure your message is on point, immediately conveys what pain you can solve for your customers and have that resonate with your visitor.

We'll write you headline copy for your homepage that sells so you can convert your visitors into paying customers!

Together we'll identify what your ideal customer is looking for when they search for businesses like yours. We'll then write you a fantastic headline and paragraph text that resonates with them and compels them to engage with you.

You'll immediately see much better conversions from your advertising efforts, and you'll be confidently driving people to your website knowing that your homepage will tell them exactly what they need to hear.

Stop wasting your money on ads that drive people to a site that doesn't sell.

Spark some life into your website today!